DJ night parties

With a few basic ingredients, like beautiful bar a state-of-the-art Mobile Nightclub; – and the best on top quality DJ, !What more do you want! To set the ball rolling.

Start planning your party now by calling our team of experts Melodia

We at Melodia make the event hot & spicy which adds to this unique blend of experience, expertise, efficiency, professionalism, personality and passion for a perfect party… and you have a sensational event you’ll remember and talk about for the rest of your lives.

We have put together some great Party and Event Packages – to give you ideas and inspiration for your event. These package events are based on our experience of event design and more crucially what works and what doesn’t.

Our event experts, coordinate and put together a great party package, which you can make up of as your own, and also pick one of tried and tested “Party Package off the Self”.

The packages that we offer are fully interchangeable and custom made to tailor to our clients needs, and has been proved to be one of our best which is in par with the knowledge and expertise through many years of experience.

As conscientious disc jockeys, much of our work is finding ways to pack the dance floor with people “getting’ down,” showing' off their party moves and cheering each other on. As the beats of one favourite dance song meld into those of another we were constantly looking for methods to fan the flames of the party.

Our aim at Melodia is to sustain the excitement on the dance floor as folks respond to the music of their choice. The crowd moves with the excitement to the music, and we reciprocate those vibes and make the show interactive DANCE FLOOR PARTY ROUTINES that are designed to feed the fun.

The Dj plays an interactive part in keeping the event alive:
  • By having party props
  • Interactive games/party games
We Organise:
  • DJ wedding
  • DJ party/DJ Disco
  • Awards Ceremony
  • Dance Shows

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